How to Register to Sell on the DC Exchange

Note:  IMC does not have access to broker-specific registration requirements.

Broker Recertification Process  

Brokers are notified of their upcoming recertification deadline approximately (3) three months ahead of the deadline via an email from Brokers will receive a confirmation email when DC Health Link has verified completion of the recertification requirements. The email will include the broker’s new recertification date.      

New to DC Health Link

Step 1: Complete carrier contracting and provide required credentials. Contact Linda at IMC for assistance:

Step 2: Create a new DCHL account

Step 3: Confirm your DCHL account

Step 4: Enroll and pass required training with minimum score of 70%.

Click here for complete details

Email Notification of Approval

Upon approval of registration, brokers will receive an email from with important information about how to access DC Health Link's broker portal.


Disclaimer: The information on this page is an overview of the information provided by DC Health Link as of October 2020.

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