Carrier Deadlines

Keep up to date with the latest carrier deadlines for new group cases.
Deadlines for New Group Cases

The deadlines listed below are for new group cases unless otherwise specified.

Please submit all new group cases to the IMC underwriting department:

Have questions about your in-force group or upcoming group renewal? Contact your IMC Renewal Account Manager.

Carrier Deadline
Anthem December 6th
CareFirst SEP December 8th
CareFirst December 15th
Companion December 20th
Dominion National December 20th
Kaiser SEP December 8th
Kaiser December 23rd
Lincoln December 20th
MetLife December 20th
OptiMed December 20th
UHC December 23rd
United Concordia December 20th
UHC SEP December 8th
Carrier Deadline
Anthem November 8th
CareFirst November 15th
Companion November 17th
Dominion National November 17th
Kaiser November 22nd
Lincoln November 17th
MetLife November 17th
OptiMed November 17th
UHC November 22nd
United Concordia November 17th
Carrier Deadline
Anthem October 8th
CareFirst October 13th
Companion October 20th
Dominion National October 20th
Kaiser October 25th
Lincoln October 20th
MetLife October 20th
OptiMed October 20th
UHC October 25th
United Concordia October 20th
Carrier Deadline
Anthem September 6th
CareFirst September 15th
Companion September 21st
Dominion National September 21st
Kaiser September 25th
Lincoln September 21st
MetLife September 21st
OptiMed September 21st
UHC September 25th
United Concordia September 21st
Carrier Deadline
Anthem August 8th
CareFirst August 15th
Companion August 21st
Dominion National August 21st
Kaiser August 23rd
Lincoln August 21st
MetLife August 21st
National General August 21st
OptiMed August 21st
UHC August 23rd
United Concordia August 21st
Carrier Deadline
Anthem July 8th
CareFirst July 14th
Companion July 21st
Dominion National July 21st
Kaiser July 25th
Lincoln July 21st
MetLife July 21st
OptiMed July 21st
UHC July 25th
United Concordia July 21st
Carrier Deadline
Anthem June 7th
CareFirst June 14th
Companion June 21st
Dominion National June 21st
Kaiser June 25th
Lincoln June 21st
MetLife June 21st
OptiMed June 21st
UHC June 25th
United Concordia June 21st
Carrier Deadline
Anthem May 8th
CareFirst May 14th
Companion May 21st
Dominion National May 21st
Kaiser May 24th
Lincoln May 21st
MetLife May 21st
OptiMed May 21st
UHC May 24th
United Concordia May 21st
Carrier Deadline
Anthem April 8th
CareFirst April 15th
Companion April 21st
Dominion National April 21st
Kaiser April 25th
Lincoln April 21st
MetLife April 21st
OptiMed April 21st
UHC April 25th
United Concordia April 21st

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