DC Health Link

IMC is pleased to offer DC Health Link support for agents and brokers.
Health Insurance Exchange for District of Columbia

DC Health Link is the official health insurance exchange for the District of Columbia. It serves as the exclusive platform through which small employers can offer group health insurance to their employees. This centralized system is an invaluable resource for acquiring group coverage. It not only simplifies the process of benefit communication, but also helps to streamline enrollment too.

At IMC, we recognize the challenges of navigating the health insurance landscape, especially when it comes to the specialized market of DC Health Link. As a leading General Agency based in the heart of the Washington, D.C. MidAtlantic Region, we are poised to offer unparalleled expertise and guidance to both local and national brokers.

Our approach is uniquely consultative. We believe in a comprehensive broker support model, aiding brokers in understanding the nuances of DC Health Link, thereby empowering them to serve their clients better. Our dedicated team is always at the ready, providing resources, training, and hands-on assistance whenever needed. In this ever-evolving world of group health insurance, it's essential to have a partner who truly understands the intricacies of the local market while also being aware of broader national trends. At IMC, we pride ourselves on being that partner.

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