Carrier Deadlines

The deadlines listed below are for new group cases unless otherwise specified.

Please submit all new group cases to the IMC underwriting department:  

Have questions about your in-force group or upcoming group renewal? Contact your IMC Renewal Account Manager.

January Deadlines

February Deadlines

  • Anthem SEP:December 2nd
  • Anthem:December 2nd
  • Anthem Renewals:December 10th
  • Argus:December 21st
  • CareFirst SEP:December 8th
  • CareFirst :December 15th
  • CareFirst Renewals:December 10th
  • Companion:December 21st
  • Dominion National:December 21st
  • Kaiser SEP:December 8th
  • Kaiser:December 15th
  • Kaiser Renewals:December 21st
  • Lincoln:December 21st
  • MetLife:December 21st
  • OptiMed:December 21st
  • UHC:December 21st
  • UHC SEP:December 8th
  • UHC Renewals:December 21st

No deadlines have yet been entered for this month