Insurance Marketing Center Staff

Vice President, Sales Robert P. Poli
Vice President, Group Benefits Jodi Wrublik
Vice President, Operations Antoinette Zopf
Vice President, Accounting Adrienne Lupin


Commissions Department
Vice President, Accounting  
Commissions & Accounting

Adrienne Lupin
(240) 207-2701 

Accounting Specialist
Kayla McCormick
(240) 207-2703

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Group Department
Vice President, Group Benefits
Underwriting & In-force Group Business

Jodi Wrublik
(240) 207-2706 
Sr. Group Renewal Account Manager
Brokers Last Name: A-L
Carrier In-Force Business
Deborah Gold
(240) 207-2715
Group Renewals Account Manager
DC Health Link Broker Liaison 

Carrier In-Force Business

Ileana Jarrin
(240) 207-2728   
Group Renewals Account Manager
Broker Last Name: M-Z
Carrier In-Force Business

Henry Humm
(240) 207-2714

Renewals Coordinator
Renewal Distribution

LaKesha Hoke
(240) 207-2713
Underwriter Manager

Kendall Marcus
(240) 207-2720

Director of Carrier Enrollment
Enrollment & Auditing

Claudia Pocasangre
(240) 207-2716 

Enrollment Specialist

Bernardine Annor
(240) 207-2730

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Individual Department
Director of Individual Markets
New Sales & Marketing

Tina Ladino
(240) 207-2721

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Marketing Department
Vice President 
Broker Sales, Carrier Relations

Robert P. Poli, CBC
(240) 207-2707 
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
New Group Sales & Marketing

Julie N. Grafé, CBC
(240) 207-2711 
Group Quoting Coordinator
New Group Proposals

Jean Smith
(240) 207-2705

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 Operations Department
Vice President, Operations

Antoinette Zopf
(240) 207-2708
Benefit Systems Manager

Amy Gochnour
(240) 207-2710  

Benefit Systems Analyst

Manuelita Smith(240) 207-2712  

Licensing Department
Vice President, Operations

Antoinette Zopf
(240) 207-2708
Licensing Coordinator
Carrier Contracting & Licensing

Linda Perkins
(240) 207-2709

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Office Support
Office Support
Joan Solomonson
(240) 207-2700