Insurance Marketing Center Staff

President  Robert P. Poli
Vice President, Group Benefits Jodi Wrublik
Director of Communications & Operations Antoinette Zopf
Director of Sales & Marketing Julie N. Grafé
Director of Accounting Adrienne Lupin
Comptroller Lois Wishnia


Commissions Department
Commissions & Accounting
Lois Wishnia
(240) 207-2702
Director of Accounting  
Commissions & Accounting
Adrienne Lupin
(240) 207-2701

Accounting Assistant
Kayla McCormick
(240) 207-2703

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Group Department
Vice President, Group Benefits
Underwriting & In-force Group Business
Jodi Wrublik
(240) 207-2706
Sr. Group Renewal Account Manager
Brokers Last Name: A-N
Carrier Renewals
Deborah Gold
(240) 207-2715
Group Renewals Account Manager
 DC Health Link Broker Liaison Coordinator  
Carrier Renewals
Ileana Jarrin
(240) 207-2728 

Group Renewals Account Manager
Brokers Last Name: O-Z
Carrier Renewals
Lakesha Hoke
(240) 207-2713

Group Underwriting Coordinator
New Case Underwriting & Submission
April Cobham
(240) 207-2704 

Group Enrollment and Audit Coordinator 
Claudia Pocasangre
(240) 207-2716
Group Enrollment Coordinator
Group Enrollment
Amy Gochnour
(240) 207-2710 
Enrollment Assistant
Bernardine Annor
(240) 207-2730

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Individual Department
Individual Markets Manager
New Sales & Marketing
Tina Ladino
(240) 207-2721
Individual Marketing & Sales Assistant
 Status, Underwriting & Service
Heather Hongtong
(240) 207-2722

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Marketing Department
Marketing Assistance & Management
Robert P. Poli, CBC
(240) 207-2707
Director of Sales & Marketing
New Group Sales & Marketing
Julie N. Grafé, CBC
(240) 207-2711
Group Quoting Coordinator
New Group Proposals
Jean Smith
(240) 207-2705
Director of Communications & Operations 
 Operations & Broker Communications
Antoinette Zopf
(240) 207-2708
Marketing & Sales Associate
Large Group Underwriting
Kendall Marcus
(240) 207-2720

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Licensing Department
Licensing Coordinator
Carrier Contracting & Licensing
Linda Perkins
(240) 207-2709

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IMC Office Support
Office Support
Joan Solomonson
(240) 207-2700