CareFirst Individual Re-Enrollment



Please contact Heather McCann in the IMC Individual Department for support: or (240) 207-2722.

Re-enrollment instructions are available on the CareFirst website:

Paperwork & Plan Selection | Submission

What will the effective date of the re-enrollment request be?
December 1, 2013

I'm not sure what plan my clients are enrolled in.
Please contact Heather McCann for support.

Can my client pick a different plan?
No. Members will have to re-enroll in their current plan.

Do my clients just fill out a new application?
Maryland and DC members will complete a change request form. Virginia members must complete a new application. Please request all enrollment documents from Heather McCann.

Some of my clients are enrolled in a high deductible plan. What will happen to their deductible?
Members enrolled in these types of plans will experience TWO deductible and out of pocket resets: one on 12/1/13 and another on 1/1/14. Clients will lose deductible and out of pocket maximums accumulated prior to December 1st. For complete details, please click here »