Executive Bios

Robert Poli, President 

Robert Poli is the President of Insurance Marketing Center, Inc.  He has been in the health insurance industry for over 20 years.  While majoring in business and marketing at the University of Maryland, he interned for Insurance Marketing Center and never left.  Under his leadership, Insurance Marketing Center has grown into one of the leading GA’s in the Mid Atlantic region.  

Over ten years ago, Robert began focusing on selling consumer driven health plans and devising ways to make it easy for brokers to understand and implement them.  As a result of his efforts, Robert is considered the resource in the Greater Washington area for consumer driven health information and long-term cost containment strategies.  

Robert is a past President of the Greater Washington Association of Health Underwriters and is a lifetime qualifier of the Leading Producers Roundtable.  He has also served as the Chairman for Agents for Change: a grassroots association dedicated to the modernization of the insurance industry.  He currently serves on several carrier advisory boards, including Aetna, and is directly responsible for plan designs and benefit changes for Maryland’s largest insurer, CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Martin G. Rochkind, Founder

Martin G. Rochkind (Marty) began his career in the industry over 40 years ago as a broker, marketing employee benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. From 1967 to 1986, he qualified for the Million Dollar Table and was a Charter Member of the Court of the Table.  As a successful broker, Marty felt there was a need in the marketplace to provide resources and personalized service to brokers and agents.  As a result, he formed Insurance Marketing Center (IMC) in 1986.

Marty was widely known in the industry for his marketing expertise and dedication to quality service.  He was considered to be a leader in the insurance industry for marketing innovative concepts and niche products, such as Consumer Driven Plans, Retiree Health Plans, International Medical Plans and Limited Medical Plans.  In the past, Marty was President of Leaders Club of Washington and President of The National Association of Marketers (NAIM), which is recognized as a major national brokerage/wholesaler organization in the insurance industry.

Marty developed, produced, and directed over nine IMC health brokerage fairs which have been some of the largest agent/broker marketing events in the area.  He was the first moderator of the Group Insurance Program sponsored by the Life Underwriter Training Council (LUTC).  He wrote a workshop called “101 Group Insurance” for agents, brokers, and staff who need to understand health insurance and how it works.

In honor of his memory, IMC will continue to be the premier distributor of employee benefits and niche products. He is greatly missed.